moderated New members not receiving notice

Tami D <artfulmuze@...>

I have a Pending Member Questionnaire set up to go to folks who apply for membership but some people aren’t receiving it.
I joined my group with another email address in order to test that it was working and received it in seconds. 

The last person who didn’t receive the questionnaire was an AOL address. When I tried to send her the questionnaire personally, AOL blocked it because certain words were in the email. What those words were, they didn’t say.

I know this has been discussed recently but I'm thinking that this is only happening with certain email accounts and not randomly.
Does anyone remember which email providers  were used by those who hadn’t received their Pending Subscription Notice?
If we can figure that out then I can put something on our homepage asking them to join using an alternate email.

Tami Davis

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