moderated Files section DIRECTORY #suggestion


It would be exceedingly excellent if there were a button or tab, when in the FILES section, that would display a directory tree of all of the files and folders in that group's FILES section. It would be similar to the folder tree pop-up that happens when you're moving a file, but wouldn't be a pop-up, rather a full 'normal' HTML page, and would include the files in the folders as well as the folders.

This would be handy:
1) For user's trying to find particular files.
2) For user's trying to figure out the best place to upload files.
3) For user's wanting to compare a previously saved directory to the current directory to see what's new (some users don't check the 'notify' box when uploading files, so stuff can "just appear.")
4) For owners/moderators to more easily "see everything" for re-organization purposes.

It would be good to include the file sizes, uploaded-by, and uploaded-date, too, of course, but that would just be gravy.

Any chance?

Everett Kaser

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