locked Re: Photos Wishlist Thread #suggestion


My wishlist for a Photos section:

1. When photos are uploaded, "resize" them for online use. Many folks use the highest resolution and number of colors when taking pictures. These aren't needed for screen viewing, only for full size printing. I've had people email me photos at 4320x3240, 600 dpi, 32 million colors with a file size well over 3 MB when a file that was resampled to 35-50 KB would have worked as well. (not sure if it's feasible, but check for file type and not allow photos to be uploaded to the Files area.)

2. Sub-albums would be nice. I see it as having an album for each member, though not required, and having sub-albums for specific items.

3. I'd like each member to be able to use their own album/sub, but also be able to add to a general group album/sub when needed.

4. Title and description for each photo.

5. Allow owner/moderator to move photos (and files) as needed to maintain the intended layout of the group. Ownership of the file should be maintained by the person that uploaded it.

6. Comments, photostream, rating, and other options aren't currently important to me, but I can see how they could be useful.


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