moderated Re: How on earth does thread a topic? BV



I'm looking through email-eyes
Me too, almost always. And seldom with threaded view turned on.

But I do sometimes use the handy View/Reply link in a message footer to go on site to see the whole message thread if I think there may be later messages that would moot or modify my reply. Sometimes that's actually easier than viewing the thread in my email interface.

As I've said (and we may be venturing in academic discussion and
wishful thinking here), ideally it would not start a new thread if a
"specifier" is tacked on at the end of a subjectline, but it
definitely should when the subject is changed.
That I think would be an AI problem: how much and what type of content can be appended to a Subject before it is considered a new topic. A way out might be to establish a syntax, for example: if what's added is all in parentheses, which software could more readily detect. But then you're getting back into the realm of having to train the users how to use it.

If a programmer feels like doing it (I'm guiessing it's a ton of
work), I'm sure there even could be some way for the machine to check
for *quote* to see if a message belongs in a thread
That I've actually suggested (going back and looking for matching body text in prior messages), but in the context of auto-trimming (or auto hiding) quotes - thus distinguishing between quote from prior message, which may be trimmed or hidden, versus quotes from an outside source, which oughtn't be.

Of course, that starts with the ability to reliably discern which parts of the message body are quoted material - and that of itself has proved a challenge given all the different conventions and personal styles. Another "AI" problem unless you decide on a limited number of rigid formats for quotes. And we're back to user training again.


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