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On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 09:35 am, Brian Vogel wrote:

           By "ironclad" I mean that if the content is available in the message header to thread into an existing thread, that would take precedence
over all else, including a modified subject.
In my experience, that would just lead to more messages hidden in an unrelated thread. Only those who use the archive would notice

 That kind of threading is indeed used and really doesn't take
that much getting used to.  Users figure out very quickly (and, of course,
are also told) that if they want to create a new thread they *must * create a
brand new message in their e-mail client in order to do so.  This is really
no different than that happens in the web interface, as one must hit "New
Topic" to create a new topic.
I'm looking through email-eyes

I am going to intentionally add "BV" to the end of the subject on this message itself.
As I've said (and we may be venturing in academic discussion and wishful thinking here), ideally it would not start a new thread if a "specifier" is tacked on at the end of a subjectline, but it definitely should when the subject is changed.

If a programmer feels like doing it (I'm guiessing it's a ton of work), I'm sure there even could be some way for the machine to check for *quote* to see if a message belongs in a thread

I've used a number of e-mail clients over the years that
completely ignored the subject of a message in terms of threading a
conversation if the header information indicated it was in reply to a message
in an existing conversation thread.
Sounds like googlegroups when you send more than one reply to the same digest. They all go out with the subjectline of the first..

 It's really a matter of what choice you want your threading algorithm to make. 
Or rather, whose lives you want to make easier.

Should we have a poll about it?

groetjes, Ronaldo

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