moderated Re: How on earth does thread a topic? BV

Donald Hellen

Shal & all . . .

On Wed, 11 Jan 2017 17:08:58 -0800, "Shal Farley" <>

Even though I personally don't use threading, I want to understand
what the correct behavior would be to make a new thread start, ...
Use the New Topic button. Or in email that's generally New Message, or
Compose, or some such. Then fill in a Subject that seems to you unlikely
to match another that's already been used.
In my email program, whether it be Outlook or Forte Agent (depends on
which laptop I'm using), to start a new topic I double click on the
group email address in any post, which is in the "to:" field. That
opens a composition window with a blank subject line and blank message
window. I then just enter a subject and then compose my message, then
click send and it spell checks for me (when I have it turned on)
before it gets sent.

On the group site (depends what platform you are using,,
YG!, etc.), you should see a "new topic" button to open a composition

I prefer email but many use the group site to post from. Either will
work, but I find email more convenient.


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