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What does "least Astonishment" mean, and why does it make this
behavior a con?
It is a principle of user interface design. The idea is that when you use a product you shouldn't wind up wondering what the heck just happened. As happened to Brian when he tested the Reply feature. Or to use a more extreme example, twisting a doorknob oughtn't turn off the lights.

Even though I personally don't use threading, I want to understand
what the correct behavior would be to make a new thread start, ...
Use the New Topic button. Or in email that's generally New Message, or Compose, or some such. Then fill in a Subject that seems to you unlikely to match another that's already been used.

or keep one together for the group as a whole.
Use Reply. And don't alter the Subject.

That advice will most likely work in both and Yahoo Groups, and probably with most people's email interface.

To fine tune it better than that you likely need to know your audience.

What happens if you use Reply but alter the topic? Depends on the interface in use by the recipient. Same thing if you use New Topic (compose, new message, whatever) but give the message a commonplace subject ("Question", "New here", "Happy Holidays", etc.) - depends on the interface.


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