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I fully agree with you, Duane. There may be a place for this 'wiki' thing for those that like faffing about with such things, but many groups will need a database in the traditional sense.


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I have to disagree with your point #1. On the Yahoo groups I was on, many with 1000 members or more, the databases were mostly updated by users. They could have been maintained by an owner/moderator, but that would have created more work for them. I found out how important this was when I started alternative groups on another service. Users will send me updates, I integrate them into the file, and upload the new version. When updates are frequent, it takes a lot of time.

I've done some testing to see if a Wiki page would work, but it's somewhat limited and not very intuitive. It looks to me like it would get clumsy after more than a few entries were needed.


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