locked Re: Home Page Formatting #suggestion



That all depends on the users and the group. I'd rather not have Top Posters (nor Recent Photos when implemented) shown on the page visible to the public like it is now. If it was a public group, I wouldn't mind so much. I think the ultimate solution would be for which items are displayed to be controlled by the group owner. Maybe a limited subset could be configurable. I would think that Group Description, Group Settings, and Group Email Addresses should always be shown. Message History was also a concern for a lot of Yahoo group owners to indicate activity. Top Hashtags could go either way.

For me, the group home page is a very temporary stop, if I see it at all. I've got bookmarks to the archives/messages set up for most of them. I want it to have enough information to entice folks to join, but not so much that it looks cluttered.


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