moderated Re: Font Size variation in body of posts / digests - thoughts? #suggestion



I'd be curious to know how forums that use discourse do it (like the
feverbee community). Their web interface is all the same font size
and their mailing list summaries too. It's HTML though not plain
text. Graphics, emojis etc all visually represented. I think at
A forum might have limited composition tools, and might or might not represent the messages in HTML internally (though they must be converted to HTML for display in a browser or via email).

Groups tend to be fundamentally different in that posting by email is common - and the email user interfaces usually give the users fairly broad (if not complete) control of the sent HTML.

I could see where a group that posts entirely (or primarily) on the interface might want an selection in between plain text and general HTML - one that removes the font, size and color choices but still allows text styles (italic, bold) and other elements.


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