moderated Re: Signatures for Web Posting suddenly not working on multiple groups

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>


        Go ahead, but my experimentation indicates that it does not.  While the paste maintains the font visually, and it even sticks perpetually as presented in your signature box, when it gets put on a web post it goes through a "nearest match" translation to one of the fonts that's officially supported on, which is not surprising.  This is very standard operating procedure since most web based interfaces don't and can't support the plethora of fonts that exist out there.

         I did some first person testing with this on a testing group I'm a member of, but it's worth a try once elsewhere to see if I might have screwed something up in the test, but I don't think so.

Brian, upsizing because I presume you're visually impaired based on your earlier comment regarding the default of Helvetica 14-point being difficult to read.  I used a serifed font, too, because they're generally easier to read based upon actual reading research.

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