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Anita L

I would not want to support that a certain font or size be put into force. My members like to do different fonts and sizes. If that were to happen we might have to go back to yahoo.
We also do graphics in our emails with incredimail.
This is very important to my members. I have members who can't see tiny fonts. Liket he font you just sent here Brian is hard for me to read.

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Date: 1/8/2017 3:22:42 PM
Subject: Re: [beta] Font Size variation in body of posts / digests - thoughts? #wishlist #suggestion

Actually, as someone who is sighted, but who participates a lot on a number of groups related to blindness and/or low-vision, I cannot support "enforcement" of a single font size, other than by conventions set up within a given group after the kind of thing you've just mentioned here is brought up.

I hate mixed size in a message body, period, and am not wild about even mixed sizes popping up in threads, but a lot of the folks I read who have low vision as opposed to blindness routinely use 24 or 36 point font in their messages because this is what allows them to read their own messages while they compose them.  They can, and do, use magnifier software to upsize materials written by others that are two small to read, but want to be able to compose messages pretty much in the same way those of us who can read 14-point Helvetica take for granted.

I think it's perfectly appropriate to bring this up for discussion as a group owner, moderator, or member on any given group where there is not any need for, at a minimum, wildly mixed point size variants (though I'd be loath to tell someone they couldn't choose something other than the default font - I'd be using a serifed font if I weren't too lazy to figure out how to tweak my default to one of the serifed fonts, as I find them easier to read).   It makes a lot of sense to keep things of a single size that's convenient for the majority of a group, and allowing exceptions were you to get a new member who's visually impaired and has a need for a larger font.  But trying to enforce it at a global level, by software, is really not a good idea in my opinion, which I hope I've adequately supported the basis for above.



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