moderated Font Size variation in body of posts / digests - thoughts? #suggestion


I'm curious if I'm the only one who is bothered by the fact that the font size of the body of a post can be changed from the default 14 pt to something smaller or something bigger, and that this change is translated in to the digest as well.

I guess I am not sure what the advantage is to have posts that are written in 18 point size font or for that matter 8 point? And for then the digest to have content that is also in different font sizes. What am I missing?

Maybe it would be easier to have the 14pt size be standard for the body of a post, then a headline option and a smaller option for stuff that needs to be smaller? And if someone posts via email, to have whatever font size they use translated in to 14 pt ( maybe that already happens?).

I guess I don't mind the discrepancies so much on the web interface but on the digest I'd love for it to be all the same size font because on mobile that really jumps out at you when someone posts in 18 point. It sort of messes with the nice design, but it also makes it feel like I'm reading an ALL CAPS message, or that the poster is trying to make their post stand out more than the others.



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