moderated Re: Civil Discourse? #suggestion

Nightowl >8#

J_Catlady wrote:>>I don't know who the other person is you're talking about.<<

I'm not going to call her out by name in this thread, but if you check who I was replying to yesterday (before Brian), you'll see that I was responding only to her post about our mutual situation of trying to keep up in here, and stay informed of the changes.

So because of that mutual situation, and subsequent discussion, I found a better way to stay on top of the changes that are made or proposed, so it was a win win in the end.

Then I tried to answer a question Brian wrote after that, first by stating my opinion for both threading posts and locking topics would be for one month not 2 weeks, but then I stated I was thrilled that problem had been solved because locking has changed to moderating threads, and I don't use threading.

He seemed to not understand that I was not trying to get anything changed. I was just answering his question and also was it was great that locked has become moderated. I gave my opinion, that's all.

I hope this clears it up more, because I'm trying to drop it and move on.


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