moderated Re: Civil Discourse? #suggestion

Nightowl >8#

Catlady wrote:>> I want to feel respected, too. We all do. You've really put your finger on it. I think I feel disrespected by the behavior Brian and I are describing. It feels actually insulting to me.<<

I'm sorry if you feel disrespected. But I didn't come in here this time and ask to reverse anything. I quietly got caught up, and then tried to understand the Footer issue, and figure out what if anything had changed. I didn't even know something had changed for me until today. So why is that disrespectful? Can you help me understand that?

Is it truly disrespectful to everyone in here that I can't sit here all day and try and keep up with the message traffic? And yes, I'm genuinely asking.

What bothers me most, is I was responding to someone else who has been busy for 2+ months and who was NOT attacked in the manner I was when saying it.

Catlady wrote:>> I was only hoping to make you understand that. Obviously I failed and you feel attacked. I apologize and sincerely wish you a nice evening.<<

I do understand that, and I did not say you attacked me. I just want it clear that I didn't behave like that this time. I did not come in here and try and undo anything. I just tried to find out what had changed, and expressed an opinion about locking and moderating. That's it.

You have a nice evening too.


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