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On Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 02:27 pm, Nightowl >8# wrote:
What my original point was, was that one month should be the norm for making any decisions and ensuring that everyone who needs to see the posts gets a chance to add feedback. Not two weeks.

 And I happen to disagree.   Decisions need to be made in a timely manner which, in the cyber-world, is often less than two weeks.

You, like every member, have the ability to go to the Subscriptions page for any group of which you're a member, choosing the "All Messages" option, then going to the Advanced Preferences at the bottom of that page and select the Following Only option paired with the "First Message Also" option so that you get to see each and every new thread without having your inbox inundated.  If you do not choose to follow the topic you will not receive another message on that same topic/thread.  It's also possible to set the "Auto follow replies" option which makes any topic you start, or reply to, followed so you'll continue getting messages.  These options will work for Digest Mode, too.

You have exhibited the annoying habit of dropping in every few months and reviving lots of long dead threads claiming how negative they affect you and your users even when the things they discuss have already been in place for months.  This gives lie to your claims.

You either get to participate in a timely manner, when topics are under active discussion, or understand that if you don't you can make a request for a change, but not expect that it will be made because you've made it.

You might also want go back and pay attention to when the thread locking, later replaced by automatic thread moderation, policy was put into place and meditate on why that might have been.



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