moderated Re: How on earth does thread a topic?

Nightowl >8#

Brian Vogel wrote:>>And, while I understand entirely that some have far busier lives than others, that doesn't mean that it should be, or would be, the norm that one should think they can drop in months later and just pick up on something that was long settled.<<

I don't think you understood what I was saying, because I was not talking about threading. I was saying, 2 weeks was too short before locking a topic. So I was relieved that Mark made it moderated instead.

What my original point was, was that one month should be the norm for making any decisions and ensuring that everyone who needs to see the posts gets a chance to add feedback. Not two weeks.

Sorry for any confusion,


 "You snooze, you lose" does apply particularly on forums such

as beta when issues such as this one are being discussed.  Whatever the
outcome happens to be, it would be ridiculous for someone to think they could
just drop in to this thread long after it's over and believe that everything
should be reopened because they missed it when it was a current topic.  It
doesn't, and shouldn't, work that way.

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