locked Re: about contacting the mod of a group



Doesn't look like that to me. I don't see "beta+owner@groups.io". I
just see "Contact Group Owner". Is that even copyable?
Yes, in most browsers the context menu (right mouse click) will let you copy that as an email address.

I don't fully understand the comment about "your browser", especially
if it's not *my* browser but someone else's (library, internetcafe,
Read that as "the browser you are using".

The application or web site to launch when you click on a "mailto:" link is generally configurable. A web search for "how do I make Gmail my default browser in Firefox" (or whichever email service and browser you're using) will likely turn up instructions.

That said, I don't know if settings like that might be locked down on a shared computer.

-- Shal

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