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Judy F.

Duane, if it doesn't also provide a way to send an automatic message to a specific email address, when they are pended, actually join, leave group, denied, etc. that doesn't help those of us that use that feature in Yahoo Groups quite extensively. Example: When someone joins the selling group, they are pended and an email is automatically, sent asking for required information and ask that it be returned within a certain amount of time. If we get it within that time and all of the information is there, I then approve them. If I don't get it in that amount of time, I deny the request to join.

I really don't see how the calendar can do this type thing, since it isn't a recurring event and is directed to a specific email address for a specific reason. The others are for information purposes only.

Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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You may be on to something there, using the calendar. I had done a test a few days ago to see what the Reminder looks like when emailed. It seems to contain the text from the Description box, Date, and Location. Other than having a Date and Location included, it shouldn't be too bad. I'm pretty sure that the Date can't be blank. I'm not sure about Location, but I think it can. I guess you could enter the group name here, just so it wouldn't be blank? Set up an Event, Repeat... for whatever interval and Never Ends. It does have the weekly, monthly, yearly, and a few other options.

Off to test!


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