moderated Re: pending member notices going into spam more often than not - is there any fix?

Anita L

On my group which I have had for years. When I get a notice a person wants to join I email them directly from my own email with a few questions they have to answer before I let them join. It has worked well for years. I find I like this.

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From: J_Catlady
Date: 1/6/2017 10:54:11 AM
Subject: [beta] pending member notices going into spam more often than not - is there any fix?

I'm noticing now that approximately 2 out of 3, possibly even 3 out of 4, pending member notices go into the pending members' spam folders. Nearly every time someone tries to join, we do not receive the questionnaire back (which is requested in the pending member notice). Then I begin re-sending the notice, and still getting no response. "Here we go again." In most cases, I eventually have to contact the person outside the system (even an owner message does not get through), using my private email, and either ask them to check their spam folder and/or just send them the notice personally. Without exception, the member answers immediately and says, "You were right, they were going into spam!"

This is starting to become a real PITA. is there *anything* that can be done on the side to mitigate this? Perhaps not, but I did want to mention that it's been happening, and I wonder if other groups are having this problem.


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