moderated Re: How on earth does thread a topic?



I ask this because I'm exasperated and I just can't figure out how
certain topic splits are occurring.
It depends on more than just the Subject. Here's the implementation:

All participants are, to my knowledge, using e-mail to interact with
the group. The fact that titles of the topics are precisely the same
makes it utterly mystifying to me why they would ever not have all
been assigned to a single topic/thread, particularly when they all
come in on the same day.
The inference is that the later messages had a In-Reply-To (or References) header that cited a message other than one that matched the subject.

This can happen if members are in the habit of clicking Reply on an arbitrary message from the group, then replacing the Subject to match a thread in the group.

As a mod of the group (or a member receiving individual messages) one can use View Source to examine the Subject and any In-Reply-To or References fields in detail. This usually tells the tale.


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