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I don't think this one user in my group is doing any of those things, but I will certainly ask her. I think there's a problem in general with the way her email interacts with the system. For example, the top-posting does not work in her case, either, and I frequently have to go in and trim the prior posts from her messages.


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On Tue, Jan  3, 2017 at 03:16 pm, Brian Vogel wrote:

> virtually certain

Depends on the group.  On a couple of my groups, it's not unusual to get posts with the same subject, but different threads, due to the nature of the groups.

There are several different things that can cause a thread to split.  Most common is when someone changes the subject, even if they then change it back.  Another common one is when someone copies the subject to a new message, so there's no "in-reply-to" information.  One that some of my members run into is starting a reply, saving a draft, and finishing later.  Their email program does something that loses the critical info to maintain the thread.  All of the details are in the headers.



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