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Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

I ask this because I'm exasperated and I just can't figure out how certain topic splits are occurring.

Today has been a big "inexplicable topic split" day on the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users Group.

The topic using the refresh tool from microsoft to reinstall windows 10: is now split into three threads, all with titles that match as far as the human eye can see.  The same is true for help with outlook 2013 please! though it's only split into two separate threads.

All participants are, to my knowledge, using e-mail to interact with the group.  The fact that titles of the topics are precisely the same makes it utterly mystifying to me why they would ever not have all been assigned to a single topic/thread, particularly when they all come in on the same day.

Can someone explain to me how threads e-mail messages into a topic and how these two examples came to be separated into multiple topics.  This is far from the first time, and almost certainly not the last, that this will occur.  It seems that manual intervention to merge things will be required, but I'd love to know why the software itself does not recognize what appears to be a single topic as a single topic.


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