moderated selective splitting/merging of topics #suggestion


I realize this will be low on the priorities even if doable, but it would be very convenient to be able to split and merge a range  (an "inner" subset) of posts from a thread rather than the whole thing or just the end.

I'm currently trying to untangle a topic that got very twisted up with another one, and am about to give up. Usually I can split off the end of a topic once it goes into a tangent, and rename it. Even when people continue to respond via email (and therefore to the old topic), I can manage to split the pieces off into temporary threads, split THOSE at the point where the topic changes back to the correct one, and place the pieces where they belong into the proper threads. But today the tangling is just too hard to undo.

It would be great to have the ability to split off a range of messages within a thread into a new thread, rather than the entire end of the thread. And similarly, it would be very useful to merge a range of messages within a thread into another thread. 

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