locked Re: Wiki question


On 1/25/2015 8:05 AM, Frances wrote:

Yes, I agree “home” could be confusing. However, in my wiki, that is an
index page to the subsidiary pages.
If you click on the Beta wiki, and go to the bottom of the page, you
will see what I mean. You need to be able to move back to this “home” page.
That's what I was looking at - the links are
pretty obvious in the main area. Then there's the
drop-down that shows pages (I'm assuming that if
there's a link to some external page it would not
show up in the list).

And I know you need to get back to the main page -
but the Wiki link on the side takes you there; and
the Wiki link on the *top* takes you there; and
the drop-down list has a link to "home".

Since I tend to think of the home page as the *group*
home page - it was a bit confusing. Others more
used to it may not be confused - and I know that
after clicking on the "Wiki" at the top a couple
of times and not having it do anything - apparently -
I figured out what it was doing.

And to get to the group home page, the Beta link
or the "home" to the left - but that it says "Home"
on the page - I felt kinda like Costello -
First Base!


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