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On Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 09:38 pm, J_Catlady wrote:

Obviously. But it needs to be seen by the new participants. It's a little blip in the big scheme of the rest of it and the annoyance of having to "scroll through it" is extremely minor compared to its importance.

Some thoughts: on the digest, the footer is on the bottom. Messages, links to participate and react to each message, then footer. And if you see your digests in gmail and they happen to be longer than gmail's threshold for truncation, you don't see the footer at all unless you click "view entire message". So that whole chunk of people who are on gmail, and on digest, and that's a lot, are not even seeing the footer unless they are interested in reading the content past message #11 or so. 

Visually, shmisually, roof and foundation; not buying that. The logical hierarchy is still individual message content, then the group's message content, then the overall Groups'io content.

On the digest the hierarchy is message, links to participate in your group, footer. I'm not sure why that ought to be different on an individual email. You can have digests with one message on it and that hierarchy stays the same.

In my mind the necessary hierarchy is: you read a post, you reply and react to it, and then you glance at that footer that you've seen many times before, and you probably ignore it no matter where it's placed, because you have other messages you want to reply to and take action with and you've seen it before.

I think if you look around and check what other individual notifications and emails from other services do, you'll find the action buttons/links come before footers (Y!, FB, Forums). I think factored in to that is the awareness that upwards of 60% of emails are being opened on mobile where you have limited screen space and time. It doesn't make sense to me to have a member work harder to participate because they are forced to scroll past something they've seen a hundred times.

If it's something that new members must see, then there are also other methods one can imploy - that may even get more attention: a welcome message, a pinned post, monthly/weekly reminders.


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