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I created a wiki in Groups.io for 1A-Travelzine (I am a moderator.)

Yes, I agree “home” could be confusing. However, in my wiki, that is an index page to the subsidiary pages. 
If you click on the Beta wiki, and go to the bottom of the page, you will see what I mean. You need to be able to move back to this “home” page.

So the concept of “home” is useful. But how about Wiki Home? Main would work too. 


On Jan 25 15, at 10:44 AM, CatWoman <diana@...> wrote:

The `only "wiki" I've used, AFAIK, is Wikipedia.

So - when I click on the wiki link on the home page
of the group - there are 3 words across the top -
Beta, Wiki, and apparently the page title.

Wiki is still a link.

Beta link takes you to the group's home page,
but clicking Wiki keeps leaving you on "Home".

That was a bit confusing for me - any chance
those can be re-named to "<group> Home", and
have the first page of the Wiki called "Main"?

I expected "Home" to refer to the home page of
the group, and with Wiki a clickable link on the
top - I kept clicking it.

I'm not sure this is making sense because I've
never worked with this before, just that "Home"
was confusing in this context.


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