moderated Re: Footer placement

Tami D <artfulmuze@...>

Personally it doesn't matter to me where it goes. 
But like Anita, I would like the option of removing some of the links at the end of the emails. My group members don't need all those links.

Thanks for all you're doing for IO Groups

Tami Davis

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From: "Mark Fletcher" <>
Sent: 12/16/2016 5:35:06 PM
Subject: [beta] Footer placement

Hi All,

You may have noticed that I changed the placement of the group footer within the overall message footer. Previously, it appeared before the links. Now it appears at the bottom, after the links. I did this by request from someone who has a long group footer, which definitely works better after all the links. But I've received requests to return the footer to the previous position. So, I ask the group, where do you think it should go?


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