moderated Re: Footer placement

Anita L

For me I like it before your links for the group. I did notice the links you put on are so many. Is there a way to reduce them. I don't think members need to see all of those links you put in automatically?
I would like to see less. Or is there a way for each group to choose how many they want?
Anita L 

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Date: 12/16/2016 6:35:10 PM
Subject: [beta] Footer placement
Hi All,

You may have noticed that I changed the placement of the group footer within the overall message footer. Previously, it appeared before the links. Now it appears at the bottom, after the links. I did this by request from someone who has a long group footer, which definitely works better after all the links. But I've received requests to return the footer to the previous position. So, I ask the group, where do you think it should go?


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