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Anita L

I have had no problem getting to the iogroups page. I use Firefox or chrome. Do you have it blocked for some reason or a firewall setting? I also have windows 10 but never like Internet explorer so don't use that. Try cleaning out your temp files and history on the browsers etc.

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Date: 12/16/2016 10:07:27 AM
Subject: [beta] site

Hi, for the past day or two, not able to go to the site, says cannot find server or fix connection, internet explorer 11, windows 10, and says dns server not available. And on firefox, says it cannot find the server at, cannot find server. So any ideas.

Is it something at my end, or is mark doing updates, or maintanence, or worst of all a denial of service attack. Any ideas. Ps: can receive and send groups e-mail, but cannot go to any features of the site, groups, the main site, login, etc.



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