locked The Biggest Deal Breaker -- Database #suggestion

Nightowl >8#


I've been in touch with the young people who had the 130,000 member network that they wound up deleting on Yahoo. They were unable to use it anymore because NEO had screwed up the database.

These kids, teenagers and twenty-somethings, had a network across the continent, and mobilized in the thousands against Yahoo NEO when it hit. I do not know if they understand how to use a wiki, but I do know that if you agree to implement a database feature, that is what they need the most.

They used the database feature to help each other with homework, set things up like events and tutoring, keep records, and more. Losing the database pretty much crippled their groups. Having a new place to come and use, that includes a database feature would be just what they need.

And they aren't the only ones...I can get you a lot of people whose groups were ruined because of the database being broken in Yahoo.

Maybe you could start a database poll in here or something, but I assure you, the biggest deal breaker for people wanting to leave Yahoo, was there was no database feature offered.

I hope that you will take this under serious consideration.



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