locked Re: Add ability to report or flag a post #suggestion



For these notifications, I'm guessing that there should be a new
notification checkbox for mods/owners to opt-in/out of these?
Yes, in groups with multiple mods it is reasonable to imagine that only some of them would handle these.

Too, once there is a notification overhaul for the web interface some mods may prefer to see these notices there rather than get them by email.

A possible pair of radio buttons for the flag dialog itself: whether to report the problem to the group mods or to Groups.io support. That might suit a distinction between reporting a group rule violation versus a Groups.io TOS violation. Assuming you'd be willing to have such a thing.

In Y!Groups Photos section (but oddly, not messages or other sections that I recall) there's a Report Photo function whose icon is a red flag. It lets the user know that his/her email address will be included in the report (and displays the address), has a 200 character max text box, and the "Report to" radio buttons:

o Moderator

I think this content isn't appropriate for our Group. This includes
rants and insulting other group members. The Group owner and/or
moderator is responsible for maintaining their community and can
address these issues.

o Yahoo

I think this violates the Terms of Service. This includes : harm to
minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion,
impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing


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