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Thanks for that explanation, Shal. I have no knowledge of how many pixels there
are across the screen of a smart phone or tablet, and assumed it must be fairly
large to be useable. From what you say, it seems that's not the case. (I don't
have either.)

I must admit I've always taken it for granted that anyone can easily resize or
crop an image in readily available free image processing software, and that
that would be even more likely to be the case for a group owner than for the
average user, but no doubt, as you say, there are some who can't.

Why anyone should be bothered by variable blank space beside an image I totally
fail to understand, but having the image big enough to be visible on a big
screen and small enough to go on the screen without significant sideways
scrolling on a small one certainly makes sense.


On 23 Jan 2015 at 12:03, Shal Farley wrote:


> I don't understand why there's any need for width matching or any
> other processing of cover photos.

I don't speak for Mark, but is usually done because every member's
window might be a different width, and modern design sensibilities abhor
having variable blank space around a fixed size image. And a fixed size
image is inevitably a screen hog on one's mobile device but a postage
stamp on another's large-screen monitor.

> Why not just let people upload images as they like, and display them
> as sent, possibly with an option to have them aligned left, centre or
> right (with centre as the default). Obviously some people will need
> guidance as to what size is reasonable in term of pixels so they show
> sensibly on different screen widths, ...

Those are additional complications. It isn't "simple and easy to use" if
you have to tell the user to pre-process the image into a certain pixel
size. Many users aren't proficient with any image editing tools.

What might be nice is an uploader that allows the user to upload any
image and see a "live" preview that allows the user to zoom and pan the
image within a rectangle representing the cover image display. In other
words, provide a simple size and crop tool. Maybe it needs both a "max"
and a "min" rectangle: always crop down to the max, but never crop
smaller than the min. Then users with a logo or other specific art can
use the min rectangle to ensure that the important part of the image shows.

What I suggested was a lot simpler (for Mark, but maybe not for the
user): a simple checkbox that's useful for users that have a logo or
otherwise fully prepared image, but not too helpful for a user with a
photo of which they'd like to use only a portion.

And note that none of this required the user to think about pixel sizes:
the pixels would be resampled automatically as needed to fit the
selected portion of the image into the display window.

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