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I think a dedicated database section is best as well.  In addition to it's popularity and familiarity, the tools that can be leveraged in a database-exclusive section would not be restricted by any wiki-related considerations, which would make both features more flexible.  I personally don't need sortable tables in a wiki, though it's a fun idea.  If I needed that level of power in relation to a group wiki, then inserting a link on the wiki page to the relevant group database page would be just fine. Since links can already be set to open in new windows, no back and forth navigation is required of the user. Easy enough.

Another thought is that while "wiki" conveys a clear idea of the concept you are aiming for, it also carries certain expectations with it, such as a certain style of edit history, markups, etc. It may also carry stigma for users who wouldn't know how to code one, expecting more difficulty than WYSIWYG. I would prefer to see the WYSIWYG interface retained if possible, as it is much easier to work with.  Perhaps what you are really making with this section is not a true "wiki", and should thus have a different name?  Its "wiki-esque", but regular wiki admins may be disappointed that the regular markup features aren't there. I think for example that Google Groups calls their version "pages", if I recall correctly.  Similar functions to a wiki, but all wysiwyg.  

It's a new animal, you can give it a new cage. :)

I would also agree the wiki would work fine as a "links" area, and offers a more versatile way to display *some* data in tables, but ultimately, from what you describe, it sounds like it's going to create undesirable work and possibly restrictions on both features, and so the better power lies in separation. At least for now.  

As for my own usage needs, I am just waiting to be able to insert pictures in the wiki section.  That will be all the toy I need for some time.

Thanks for all your thoughtful work on this.

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