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Steph Mathews <smathews@...>

The thing that I find bothering is that for groups that sends out membership guidelines to pending members you have to paste them in the pending subscription text or send them out yourself.  In the pending subscription below the guidelines I have my pending membership form.  I would like to see things under pending subscription.  That would be my suggestion.  Steph

Sent: Friday, November 11, 2016 5:15 PM
Subject: [beta] Member notices

Hi all,

I've revamped the member notices and I have a question. Member notices are the welcome, leave, pending subscription, etc messages that you can customize. I've made a couple of changes. One, I've added a new one for rejecting messages. Also, you can now have any number of each of these messages, and select a default one that will be used in automated operations. Finally, when rejecting a message or pending sub on the website, you can choose which (if any) message to send with the rejection (and customize it at that time).

My question involves an inconsistency in the current messages (you know how I don't like inconsistencies!). The welcome, pending sub, goodbye, banned user, and rejected sub messages all currently behave the same in that you can define the entire message that gets sent out.

The invite message, direct add message, and (new) rejected message and rejected sub messages are different, in that you specify a chunk of text that's included within a predefined message. Don't understand what I'm getting at? Go to the invite page and write a custom message. What you write is embedded within a template that you cannot change.

All of these messages can be customized in the same interface on the Member Notices page. My question is, is this inconsistency ok and understandable? Or should I also embed the welcome, leave et al messages within a predefined message, to make everything consistent?


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