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On Fri, Nov 11, 2016 at 11:21 AM, Duane <txpigeon@...> wrote:
There's been a recent discussion about this on the GMF group.  Yahoo is doing the same thing.  Currently no workaround known, other than training users to check their spam folder.

Yeah, I'm not happy with the current situation. Part of it is that everything is opaque to me. I think we get punished if we don't unsubscribe people that we get reports about. But I don't know for certain. And I don't know what, if any, thresholds there are for any of this. And it probably varies by company. Also, I don't know if someone marking a message as spam affects the spam filter for other people at the same service (my guess is yes, but ::shrug::). And it appears that some services do batch processing of spam issues, so we get a bunch of reports about someone at the same time, instead of perhaps when the messages were actually marked as spam.

I do know that if someone is subscribed to a group, and some portion of their emails are going to spam without them knowing, that's a bad experience. So there's definitely some advantage to having these feedback loops if we can help people understand that that is happening.

Thinking out loud here.... For a service to 'punish' us for ignoring spam reports, ...guessing... they'd have to see that we continue to send messages and they continue to get marked as spam. What if I came up with a system that looked like this:

- We get one or more spam reports about a user in a given day, we send an email to them saying, "hey, you're not getting all your messages because some are going into spam, please check your spam folder, mark any misidentified messages as not spam, and then reply to this message to acknowledge you got this. or, you're trying to get off the group, here's a link."
- For each day that we get at least one spam report from a user, we continue to send those messages, up to a total of N days.
- We log in the activity log when we send one of these messages, along with the count of messages sent to the person.
- If we get a reply from one of the messages, we reset the counter to 0.
- If we reach N days, we unsub the user.

I was writing as I was thinking, so I haven't thought this through completely. But how does this sound?


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