locked Re: Problem with invalid email address?

Jeff Powell <jrpstonecarver@...>

To answer your original question directly, yes, I've seen this before with a perfectly valid email address. The groups.io developer has some code in place to look for spam addresses and reject them, and that code takes some tuning, apparently. The address you listed (which I have obscured below) is perfectly valid, but the software doesn't think so for some reason. Send an email to support@groups.io with the details and it will get resolved. That's what we did. And with luck the code gets tuned a bit more each time and this issue goes away.


On Sun, Nov 6, 2016 at 06:20 am, Roy Barnes wrote:

I have a potential member, from one of the Yahoo groups I moderate, who has had trouble getting registered for Groups.io. He reported in a Yahoo group a problem joining groups.io groups. His email address is xyzzy@....

I just tried to invite this email address to one of my groups here and get an error message: "Invalid email address"

Anyone know what the problem is or know of a way to work around this issue?


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