locked Re: Replying to messages


On 1/23/2015 5:08 PM, J. Faulkner wrote:
Dianna, you might want to read all of my messages on this subject. I didn't say to code it so that's what happens. I said to give us capability to reply at the top of that message or at the bottom.
Okay - I think that's easy to do without having Mark
program it.

If you are replying from your own email program, then
you can set your preferences.

If from the web site - if he has it set to bottom -
scroll to the top, delete irrelevant portions, and
with your cursor in the upper left corner, hit enter
a couple of times - that will give you blank area to
enter your reply at the top.

(with the caveat that some of the comments on how to
make the .io groups work better are specific to the
fact that us geezers are reading. While some folks
my age may not be computer literate (I'm 62 - and a
lot of my classmates confound me on things like - oh -
they forget their password so the set up a new account),
a lot of us have been working with "networked interaction"
for 25 or more years - and prefer *not* to have top

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