locked Re: Proposal: limit number of groups you can create


Perhaps the option to create more than 10 groups could be offered with the premium plan? This might be useful in cases when people are creating multiple separate groups for business reasons.

Or if the issue is more about quality control, and what happens is that people create groups on a whim and these in turn don't thrive, perhaps after a certain amount of time where there is no activity, groups.io can look in to archiving those groups? Or removing them from the directory?

If instead someone creates and manages 40 groups that are thriving, well managed, etc, and this brings users to groups.io, that could only be a good thing.

But if you have cases where people set up tons of groups on a whim, and then those don't take off, have few members,  no activity, etc.. that probably weighs things down.

I think it's good for the service to have limits so you can ensure quality, but you don't want to stop a great group manager from bringing people to the service either.

Maybe if you place a limit of ten with the ability to either upgrade via the premium plan or via a reputation system?


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