locked Profile Stuff (on Moblie)


Good Morning everyone :)

The prior thread about profile stuff is now locked but Shal had made a suggestion in post #11700 which I find to be a workable solution - at least as I perceive it having read it just once. But he also mentioned that he wasn't sure how this would play out on mobile. Hence the new thread.

On mobile, actually, we don't see our user ID / Display name or email in the top right at all.

I was going to bring this up when the desktop version was settled on.

It would be a good idea to have an easy way to glance at "who you are/ what account you are in" on mobile too and that would be in keeping with all other apps/mobile web stuff where you have an account.

Currently I have to go in to the right hand top menu / account  / then i see my email in "login" page and to see my display name i need to tab to "identity" with the horizontal bottom menu.

It would be nice to have my display name and email address viewable directly when i click the 3 horizontal lines on the top right corner. Like the Y mail app and the Gmail App do, and as the Y groups mobile web version ( when it works) does.

So, those 2 things - the email subscribed to the account and the Account Profile ( or the account display name) when i am not in a group  - the group profile/display name when i AM in a group) or whatever way it ends up being decided on for desktop to be mirrored in mobile. I think I liked Shal's suggestion but I'm starting to get confused ;).

In any event, yes, on mobile: when it's settled, can we add whatever is decided to the top right hand when you click the 3 horizontal lines?

Thank you!


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