locked Re: Wishlist: Being able to "escape" e-mail addresses in posts so they show



So for example, here on @beta, that would mean if someone quotes
someone and leaves in "On date, Person <emailaddress> wrote:" would
it then not fig leaf the email at all, or would it just not do it
100% of the time?
As I read Mark's question in this thread (#11515) such instances would not be figleafed if you are logged in to Groups.io and a member of the group; but always figleafed if you are either not a member or not logged in (which applies only if the group has public archives).

Various heuristics and ideas had been presented in the prior go-around on this subject for making the identification of such reply headers more accurately identified, but as Mark says none is likely to be 100% in catching them. So that leaves some group managers uncomfortable with turning off fig-leafing for their members.


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