locked Re: New profile stuff


On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 03:44 pm, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I am ok with changing the code so that if a person has a username set, it displays that even if they have a display name set. If a person doesn't have a username set, then it'd show the display name. If no display name, then email address. I think this provides less information, but like I said, I'm ok with changing it if everyone else is. Thoughts?

I'm fine with that ( i think ) but  - not to drive you nuts - is there any easy way to see a quick reminder of what my display name is for the group i am in. 

Currently on  Y! you can see that with an easy click/hover of the "membership" menu.

So could our top right also display the display name as well as the email ? or have a menu item there for "profile for this group" + "email subscribed to this group" ?


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