locked Re: Wishlist: Being able to "escape" e-mail addresses in posts so they show


On Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 08:03 am, Brian Vogel wrote:
After thinking about this more I wanted to add a couple of things.   Although the archives are available and accessed via the web one cannot and should not consider the web interface to Groups.io as being "the archives."   It is so much more than that and there are many, many participants on Groups.io, me being but one of them, that interact exclusively via the web interface.

Agree that calling it archive, while perhaps correct technically as archiving info is one of the functions, perhaps fails to acknowledge the tremendous importance the web interface and the mobile web interface have for users. I post only via web interface, am so delighted about the mobile web interface, yet also depend on digests and know our members love those. I think the majority of folks in our groups use the digests as a way to have stuff offline, but they love "coming home" to the web interface. The fact that if they erase a digest or don't want to keep it, it's still all here on the web, is fantastic - as is the fact that if they want zero emails, it's all here too.  

That said and not to drag this on (again) - for the record: I have nothing against emails that are written out ( the vet contact info as my example) being displayed in full on the web as they are in emails. I wouldn't want member emails displayed on the web when they post, or in a quoted reply - but that's NOT what we are talking about in this topic anyways.


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