locked Re: Easy yahoo group transfer instructions


I'd like to echo what others have said that anyone wanting to move a group needs to have that trusted owner make a group announcement.  If I just received that groups.io transfer announcement out of the blue, I would assume it was a spam/scam.

I'm not sure how you're downloading the member list, but when I look at it (as a non-moderator) and View Source, I can see owners tagged with a "yg-sprite tip owner-img" class you could use, if you do it that way.

I always like to think of what sorts of evil things that troublemakers could do, and in this case, it would be signing in as other members of the group and registering passwords for them before the actual group members got a chance.  So for group migrations, you would definitely have to send out a verification mail when someone wants to set up a password.  (Maybe you do this already.  I've forgotten.)


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