locked Re: Can't deleted email notifications from iphone--Mark

Me and BobbieSue <sylvester2007dc@...>

On the IPhone, once the message has been delivered in your email box it stays on your IPhone until you swipe to delete it.  I swipe it, it appears to delete but then a message box appears and says it can not be moved to the trash folder.  Within just a few seconds the message I deleted will re-appear in my inbox, I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of them.  It is only happening to the emails that I am receiving from the Beta group.  All other emails in my hotmail account will delete on my IPhone. 

I can delete the message from my MacBook Pro without any problems.

I have checked to see if the messages are on the hotmail webaddy and they are deleted, i am assuming it is because I am deleting from my laptop.  But they are not in my inbox.  I can not always delete messages from the webaddy.

So for right now my IPhone is clogged with Beta group emails that will not delete off of my IPhone.  So even though they have been delete on my laptop and on the webaddy..........they are still hanging in limbo on my IPhone.....grrrrrr

This is very frustrating to say the least............



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