locked Re: Cover photo


Hi Mark,

It does show the whole image now, which is nice.  It tends to leave a good deal of white space on either side (on my screen anyway) in most cases of images I've tried out so far.  I notice that groups with the default elephant picture have almost the whole page taken up, and the image spreads across the width of the page, but I wasn't able to replicate that with any images I tried.  I'd be content with any of the non-full width images I tried out, except for the white space that remained on the sides.  Would there be a way to allow the mod to set the image to be left justified instead of centered?  

Mostly, I like the functionality of the change, as the images I uploaded weren't cropped anymore, and only a few went smooshy on me.  Just wondering how to best work with the new parameters to create the look I'd prefer.

I also noted that the cover picture doesn't preview the new image.  It would be nice if it could, as I found myself bouncing to the home screen and back as I tried images out.  Minor stuff.



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