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Judy F.

Thanks Shal. Maybe you are saying what I am hoping for and terminology is
getting in the way. I want to be able to include the last reply to the
original message. Example: A message is sent asking a question and there
are 3 replies (questions & answers) to that original message. Then I reply
from the group. I want to be able to keep the last reply only to my reply.
Since everyone doesn't do this, I don't want this to be something the
'group' does, but I would like for it to show all of the info and I can then
delete the portion I don't want.

Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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Mark, will replying in the reply box allow that reply to show at the
top of the message or do you at least have an option?
Mark mentioned copying the original message's text into the reply as quoted
text. But I don't see that on the published todo list.

-- Shal

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