locked Re: Easy yahoo group transfer instructions


Step 2 #2 I'd suggest that everyone use the same format so it would be easier for you to process things. Have two lines at the top reading:
or whatever would make it easiest. You could make it at least semi-automatic after just a quick check for consistency.

Step 3 I think the email should say something like "You have been subscribed to the new group using your Yahoo account settings." instead of "Your subscription has been transfered to the new group." Otherwise, folks might think their account on Yahoo is no longer active. There may be some owners that would want to run parallel for awhile, as long as they understand there will really be two groups, one on each service.

Could the final email to GROUPNAME+owner@groups.io possibly contain a list of those that were moderators or co-owners of the Yahoo group? Might make it easier for them to add privileges if those folks aren't already on Groups.

The group owners on Yahoo would need to tell folks what's going to happen and when, so there won't be too many surprises. I'd hope that they'd already have their files, photos, whatever copied over and mostly be ready to run.


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