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Judy F.

Shal, just about anything is better than having to figure out if the image
will fit, find out it doesn't and have to try again. I finally had to have
a friend of mine that is very good with Paint Shop Pro to fix the image for
my group so it looked right.

This has really been a sore point with a lot of Yahoo owners/moderators
trying to resize so it meets the criteria.

Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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> I don't understand why there's any need for width matching or any >
other processing of cover photos.

I don't speak for Mark, but is usually done because every member's window
might be a different width, and modern design sensibilities abhor having
variable blank space around a fixed size image. And a fixed size image is
inevitably a screen hog on one's mobile device but a postage stamp on
another's large-screen monitor.

> Why not just let people upload images as they like, and display them >
as sent, possibly with an option to have them aligned left, centre or >
right (with centre as the default). Obviously some people will need >
guidance as to what size is reasonable in term of pixels so they show >
sensibly on different screen widths, ...

Those are additional complications. It isn't "simple and easy to use" if you
have to tell the user to pre-process the image into a certain pixel size.
Many users aren't proficient with any image editing tools.

What might be nice is an uploader that allows the user to upload any image
and see a "live" preview that allows the user to zoom and pan the image
within a rectangle representing the cover image display. In other words,
provide a simple size and crop tool. Maybe it needs both a "max"
and a "min" rectangle: always crop down to the max, but never crop smaller
than the min. Then users with a logo or other specific art can use the min
rectangle to ensure that the important part of the image shows.

What I suggested was a lot simpler (for Mark, but maybe not for the
user): a simple checkbox that's useful for users that have a logo or
otherwise fully prepared image, but not too helpful for a user with a photo
of which they'd like to use only a portion.

And note that none of this required the user to think about pixel sizes:
the pixels would be resampled automatically as needed to fit the selected
portion of the image into the display window.

-- Shal

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