locked Re: Proposal: All groups must be moderated or new user moderated


>I think this is the best idea, since one-size does not fit all.  My groups
both have open membership but all messages are moderated.

Likewise. My group requires a response from any applicant before we allow them membership and they are then moderator for a period - several messages - before we unmoderate them.  Problems with spam have been few and far between; mainly only when an existing member's email address has been hacked and then the odd spam mail might slip through but we then put that person back on moderator until such time as they sort out the problem.

>Brian's idea of "New Member Introductions" would not work at all in my
health support group, where most folks prefer to anonymously lurk and learn
until they feel comfortable enough to post, if ever.

Delightful though it would be to have everybody contributing to the group, we would have a very small group indeed if this were to be the case. We are also happy to allow long term lurkers.


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